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2018-11-15 -




  a米粉产品 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  asheep goodbye 绵羊又会 [translate]

  aSteering wheel adjustment 标注的目的盘调理 [translate]

  aFlat ANN,Enjoy oneself!!! 平的ANN,欢快!!! [translate]

  a针状焦 Acicular burnt [translate]

  a我条在乎我在乎的人 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  a你还会说佩的英语吗 You also can speak other English [translate]

  a尽公司地址:上海市松江区文城路898号嘉和商厦808室 Main corporation address: Shanghai sungchiang province area Wen Chenglu 898 fine and business mansion 808 room [translate]

  aIn the seven years of the existence of the IFHE CEEC Outreach Committee membership has included representatives from the United States, Canada, numerous countries in Western Europe and several countries in Central and Eastern Europe. 在IFHE的存放在的七年CEEC胜于度过 委员会会员阅世在正西部带拥有代表从美国,加以拿父亲,好多国度 欧洲和几个国度在中欧和东方欧。 [translate]

  a它困苦吗? It difficult? [translate]

  asiji清楚 siji is distinct [translate]

  a2) Finance arrange payment around 10th of next month. 关于付款, Jinhun chunguang的付款方案如次被永恒, [translate]

  a不用了 Did not need [translate]

  aPrimary channel to Market; Commercial & Industrial Manufacturing Representatives 主信道对市场; 商&工业创造业代表 [translate]

  a父亲禹曾经在我们那边治水度过水 Da Yu has governed the water in our there [translate]

  a对了,假设你拥有空请到来拿房租费 Right, if you have free time please do take the rental allowance [translate]

  a河北边节望邑县城内小学六(5)班 张开元 In the Hebei Province Wangdu County city the elementary school six (5) class opens the New Year [translate]

  a您好!因我皓天拥闹病,不能正点上课。特此请假,望教养员却以同意。 You are good! Because I am sick today, cannot attend class punctually.Asks for leave specially, looks teacher to be able to authorize. [translate]

  aI told you the rent price in the midday 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  a早年的第壹场雪比上年的第壹场雪深到来了壹个月。 The this year first snow has late come compared to the last year first snow for a month. [translate]

  aNumber of stitches per inch: the fewer stitches per inch, the bigger the resulting design. [translate]

  awhat thinling that you are know [translate]

  ahoover nm 2120 真空吸尘器nm 2120 [translate]