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2018-11-27 -

  Johnny Buckman and his wife Merilyn watched the movie from their tinted glass window. The two went out on dates here 27 years ago. I've been thinking about, you know, when we were young, and when he put his arms around me and...and just a lot of old memories, you know.

  John Wally stood outside the snack bar and talked to old friends and customers. He talked about how hard it was to compete with air-conditioned theatres and couldn't get first-run movies any more. And most of all he was just reminisced.

  This is nice to go out to the country and watch a movie on a big screen. The young people just don't know what they are missing because they won't be any drive-ins around another 10 years.

  Some people watched the movie from the hood of their car. Others sat on lawn chairs. Many just walked around.

  John Walley plastered auction off the equipment from the drive-in. But in the dark people tried to not to think about that.

  By the way, tonight's final film, the last picture show. For national public radio, I'm Bob Henson in southern Indiana.





  单词revert 联想记得:




  单词solitary 联想记得:



  单词strip 联想记得:

  在trip(n 登临)时壹定要看strip。


  单词transfer 联想记得:



  单词proposal 联想记得:

  pro 前进+pos放+al→前进放→建议,建议


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  单词revolution 联想记得:


  This will mean the abolition of all present geographical restrictions to TV, via satellites, any country can broadcast to any other.

  Direct broadcast TV will be possible within 5 years and may be most important to undeveloped countries that have no ground stations, and now may never require any.

  Africa, China and South America could be opened up by direct TV broadcast, and whole populations brought into the modern world. I believe that communications satellites may bring about the long-overdue end of the Stone Age.

  They will certainly lead to a global telephone system and end long-distance calls, for all calls will be local. There will be the same flat rate everywhere.

  Newspapers will I think, receive their final body blow from these new communications techniques.